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It all started with a simple statement: Cancer sucks. Now we have a great team committed to preventing it. 

Meet The Boob Bus Team

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This is us on our way to buy a bus!

Our Vision

Is a world where no woman misses her annual mammogram. Where the inevitable existence of breast cancer in every one out of eight women is found early when treatment is most swift.

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Our Mission

Is to enhance women's health globally and client well-being individually by normalizing both medically necessary and elective procedures in an easy-to-access, fun, and supportive environment.

Our Values

Display empathy in a judgment-free zone. Physical and mental health are unique for each of us and clients will feel no shame undergoing (or electing not to undergo) selected services. Emphasize education. Empower clients to fully understand the benefits and limitations of their health choices. Provide exemplary customer service. Each client will feel pampered and supported before, during, and after their experience on The Boob Bus.

We also like alliteration. Can you tell? Boobs. Botox. BRCA Testing. Bangarang business! And since you are still here and have read along this far (thank you!), we might as well let you know that the stunning woman in the taffeta dress is Rena's other dear grandmother, Nancy. Oh, how she misses her grams! 

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