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Because women's health should be convenient. And fun.

Did you know that 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime? That means there is a 12.5% chance for each woman to develop breast cancer. But we are all unique. Individual factors (such as the number of children you delivered and the density of your breast tissue) as well as family history of cancer can impact your individual likelihood of getting diagnosed. Regardless of each woman’s specific chance for breast cancer, having a specialized X-ray (called a mammogram) every year beginning at age 40 is the best way to catch breast cancer early when it is most treatable. The Boob Bus offers mobile mammograms. But more importantly, we are modernizing mammograms. We add a personalized breast cancer assessment to each report so every woman knows her lifetime risk of breast cancer. And we’re elevating the experience: you’ll feel like you’re in a spa rather than one of hundreds of people going through the hospital or clinic in a given day. And why not share the experience with your friends? Women can book private parties to rotate through the breast imaging suite while others are learning about genetic testing or even treating themselves to cosmetic injectables. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to prioritize our health, so book the Doris Jean (the name we have given the beautiful 40-foot bus) today! A note about the name from Co-Founder Rena: My grandmother, Doris Jean, was a firecracker. The life of every party. I can still smell her signature dish (green beans with bacon) and hear the scratch of her perfectly manicured nail on the blackjack table. "Hit me", she was saying. That's just like gram. Looking challenges in the eye, daring them to "hit her". She survived breast cancer, just like her sister, her mother, her mother's mother, and her cousin. But not all the Kusrow-Bradley girls were that lucky. And not all women are today. Why is breast cancer still the 2nd leading cause of death for women in this country? The Boob Bus seeks to change that by making your annual mammogram convenient and, dare I say it? FUN!


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Genetic Education & Testing

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  • The Boob Bus? Isn't that name a little....unsavory?
    After a nationwide survey and numerous conversations with people who held opposing and strong opinions, we decided to give our business a name that was descriptive, memorable, and edgy. Boobs are part of life. Everyone has them. We need to normalize the conversation around women’s health and breast cancer. Boobs! There, I said it again!
  • I want to book a party. Tell me more!
    For a private party, we suggest you have at least four ladies getting genetic testing, cosmetic fillers, and/or cosmetic injectables. Breast imaging will be available in January 2024! Parties take approximately 2-3 hours but that depends on the specific combination of services being provided for each guest. Typically the visit will include a licensed/certified genetic counselor, registered nurse esthetician, and breast imaging tech. We are pleased to provide an educational presentation (don't worry, we make it fun!) on a topic of your choosing related to breast health, genetic testing, or cosmetic services! Price discounts are available for parties. For example, we typically charge $12 a unit for Botox® or Dysport®. The hostess price is $8 per unit and guests receive $10 per unit. We are fairly flexible on booking times. We can do evenings during the week, or morning/afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays. Check our booking calendar or contact us to discuss (866-747-BOOB or We request at least 10 days advance notice for private party bookings.
  • I've been doing mamms forever. Why switch to The Boob Bus?
    First of all, GOOD FOR YOU for getting your annual mammogram. That’s the best way to detect breast cancer early, when it’s most treatable. We want you to keep doing that, even if it isn’t with us. But, if you try the Boob Bus, we promise you won’t go back. We have the same credentials and cutting-edge medical science as the local hospitals & clinics, and the result will still go to your doctor. We also request your prior images so we can compare them to your last scans, regardless of where they were performed. And our instrumentation is top-notch: the Senographe Pristina by GE Healthcare is the only FDA-approved 3D mamm that delivers the same low-dose radiology as the lowest FDA-approved 2D units. So….why not book some time with your girlfriends to get your annual screen together? You get to wear a posh robe instead of a drab hospital gown and have real talk with knowledgeable, caring professionals about things that matter. Like dense breast tissue, hereditary cancer risks, and implants.
  • What if I have breast implants?
    We’ve got you! Our services are implant-safe and our team has extra training for breast imaging in women with implants. Did you know that more women in Utah have breast augmentation (per capita) than any other state? We planned for that and selected the best mammography instrument for women with implants. It’s called the Senographe Pristina (GE Healthcare), the only FDA-approved 3D mamm that delivers the same low-dose radiology as the lowest FDA- approved 2D units. Pristina is also customized for mobile units. Check out the images below. That’s the same breast, and it harbors cancer (pink outline). The white semi-circle (blue outline) is the implant. The image on the left was taken by Pristina and the image on the right was taken by another instrument. Pristina “sees through” the implant and catches the cancer, while that isn’t happening with the other instrument. Also, we are here to speak the truth. Mammograms typically hurt more if you have implants, because your breast tissue is likely to be more sensitive. There is also a chance of having an implant rupture, and for that reason you will be asked to sign an extra consent form. But let’s put this in perspective: the chance of having a rupture is MUCH LOWER than the chance you have breast cancer. Finally, if you truly do not want to have a mammogram, we have another option - 3D Automated Breast Ultrasound - that may work for you!

Dana, Ogden

"You mean I can check my annual mammogram off the list and Botox at the same time?! Sign me up!"
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